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Corry Bros Mesa gif



'A flat-topped hill or mountain.

From the Spanish word for

"table", Mesa's are formed by

the weathering and erosion of

horizontal layers of rock,

which have been exposed by tectonic activity.'


The MESA model is the flagship piece in our ebonite Tenor range.

This piece is broader in tone than our CALDERA model and  offers a slightly darker, more full-bodied voice for today's tenor jazz saxophonists who are looking for a classic sound with modern playability.

It has a larger chamber than the Caldera model and it's sound and colour reflects this.


100% hand made and hand finished from the finest German ebonite, this mouthpiece displays as much depth and presence of sound as you would expect from a great tenor mouthpiece.


This is a very responsive and flexible mouthpiece allowing crisp articulation and ease in the altissimo, yet with less upper partials in the overall tone.



Below are soundclips of the "MESA" which are an honest reproduction of the tone of this piece.

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