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Starting Corry Bros Mouthpieces has taken a lot of time, effort and patience to bring to fruition

all the knowledge, ideas and learning experiences we have both gained to get to where we are today. Below are some words from both of us to those who have helped and inspired us along the way.


A massive thanks to all our family and friends who have supported, given advice and helped us in this venture. We love you all very much.


To Grandad whose hands, skill and passion are guiding us always.


Thanks to the Masters in this art;


Freddie Gregory - It was an honour to meet you on a number of occasions and talk mouthpieces. Your craftmanship and work in all areas continues to inspire us. RIP.


Rafael Navarro - Such an amazing craftsman in this field and again a huge influence and inspiration for me. 


Fred Lebayle - Amazing to see how you work and thanks for all the advice, information and inspiration.


Geoff Lawton - It was so amazing meeting you and thankyou for your kindness and time in helping me. A true engineering genius. RIP.


To the Meyer Brothers for igniting my fire and passion for mouthpieces many years ago.


To George Bates and Andy Fayle for lending us so many useful tools and bits along the way to try out ideas with.

To all the people who have chatted to us both, given us feedback, ideas, and advice along the way:

Stuart, Julie and Joe McDonald, Dave Walker, James Russell, Boyzee, Roy Wood, Rob Mitchell, Simon Kaylor, Mark Chandler, Ollie Barker and many know who you are..thanks!


Finally to Paul, your drive, vision and dedication has been paramount in getting this business up and running. Our hours of talking, researching and prototyping has been tough, long and hard work and your focus and belief has been infectious. Thanks for keeping me in check as it's all been worth it. We are Corry Brothers in every way. Here's to a whole load more awesome models. 


My biggest thanks go to the other half of my heartbeat Rosie who has supported me throughout this often difficult, all-consuming process, your positivity is what I will always need.


To Jim; I never wanted to know this much about mouthpieces, engineering, machining, physics and acoustics! But I wouldn't have got there without your mouthpiece collection and obsession with the subject!!!  THE BROTHERS .


To our Grandad Alf Parry. A master carpenter and craftsman who's motto to us as children was "There's no such word as CAN'T" - you were so right Grandad! His craftsman's patience is something I will always remember and use.


To Steve Cann, legend, lathe instructor, fountain of knowledge and of the right tools for the right job. Thanks man for getting me started down the engineering route. Inspirer of the perfect jig! We couldn't have got here without you.


To James Mason,  master thinker, late-night contributor,

advisor on everything , thinking outside the box inspirer and co-conspirator. You are awesome man, thanks for all the nights I bored you stupid talking mouthpieces. And for driving that van to the end of the earth to pick up one of our lathes. 


To David at Global Surplus in Halifax; thanks for letting me come and hang out at your machine shop, for answering many of my engineering questions, for your 'can do' attitude and for always having what I need lying around somewhere!

To Geoff Lawton for taking time to speak to me at Leeds College of Music all those years ago and for saying my sound was what you heard in your head when you designed my mouthpiece. That was some inspiration! For giving me honest information about how you did it which I never thought at the time would help me later in my life. Your work was phenomenal and you are sorely missed. A mouthpiece and engineering master.  Incredible. RIP.


To other mouthpiece masters: Rafael Navarro for showing us where the bar is raised to and to Fred Lebayle for your machining inspiration - you both made us think. A lot.

To all the legendary mouthpiece makers of yesteryear, we ALL stand on the shoulders of those giants.

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