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Corry Bros mouthpieces was founded by us, brothers Jim and Paul Corry. Having both been professional saxophonists for over 20 years and both having performed with some of the biggest artists in the music industry, we decided after many years of researching and purchasing vintage mouthpieces, planning, gained knowledge and insight, to launch our own range of 100% handmade Saxophone mouthpieces.

Our interest in mouthpieces began with us both taking up the saxophone in our early teens and continuing on to study music at Conservatoire level at one of the UK's best music Colleges. After this we both launched our professional careers as saxophonists that has seen us both perform throughout the world in various musical settings and styles. 

Our passion for sound and tone started early on as we both quickly realised and discussed that tone is everything, giving the player his or her unique and distinctive identity that can and should be instantly recognisable.  


Our mission at Corry Bros Mouthpieces is to make by hand the finest mouthpieces we can and offer them to you, the musician, as a helping hand toward discovering your own true tonal identity, consequently improving your art, musicianship and desire to pick up your horn and play.


We are musicians. As all artforms are subjective, and should remain so, we leave it up to you, our friends, to decide......


                                                   JIM CORRY AND PAUL CORRY 2015

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