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Corry Bros Caldera gif


"CALDERA": A volcanic feature

caused by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption.

The word comes from Spanish 'caldera' , itself from the Latin 'caldaria' or "cooking pot",

and in English translation: "Cauldron".


The CALDERA model is the second piece in our ebonite Tenor range.

This mouthpiece is brighter than our MESA model and has been designed and created to offer today's tenor jazz saxophonists a brighter option with more projection.


Whilst in essence this mouthpiece is very in keeping with the tradition of the great tenor mouthpieces, it's soul is firmly placed in today's modern era.


100% hand made and hand finished from the finest German ebonite this mouthpiece displays a colourful centred tonal core, whilst it's medium chamber also gives the player enough resistance to create the projection and punch needed to release the soaring qualities of this heavy weight instrument.


The altissimo register is bright and strong with an articulate immediacy, whilst the lower notes ring out with ease.

This piece can also be 'backed off' to produce stunning sub-tones, blends beautifully into a section, yet can

really cook for you if you want it to. 

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