"I do like the Tone Tablet. It always amazes me that something so small would make a difference" - Jerry Bergonzi

The Tone Tablet is the first of our Saxophone accessory products and has been created to optimise the response of your saxophone.

This simple, discreet and non intrusive tablet is inserted into the lyre hole on your saxophone neck tenon and simply held in place once the lyre screw is tightened.


When the Tone Tablet is in place you will notice how your horn 

responds and how the overall feeling has changed.

It will feel more centred and secure in all registers with a fuller, richer, purer sound that is more stable and even, giving you greater projection and richer overtones. Nothing is taken away from the horn and all your original neck screws or alternative neck screws can be used with this product. 

It can then simply stay in place. Made from specially sourced Silver Bullion the material in our registered and protected design Tone Tablet has the same quality and working properties as Sterling Silver.

Please check the make and model of your saxophone and specify the size from the lists below when ordering.

How can this make such a difference? 

The Tone Tablet allows neck tenon vibrations an easier path to travel, consequently changing the vibrational response of your saxophone.

It's simple. Replace the mass lost in the Lyre hole void, and through diffusion, the vibration pattern changes at this point. 

We could equate it to having your wheels balanced on your car.  

Nobody knows your sound better than you, so try one.

You'll hear and feel the difference for yourself.


Below you can find more  information about the Tone Tablet with quotes and reviews from professional players who have used the tablet, along with Frequency Response graphs.

SIZE 1 fits Alto/Tenor models - Selmer (Cigar Cutter, Balanced Action, Mark VI, Mark VI, Series II, Series III, Reference 32, Reference 54), R.S Berkley, Lupifaro, P.Mauriat, Antigua and Artemis.



SIZE 2 fits Alto/Tenor models - Selmer (Super Balanced Action), Keilwerth, Borgani and Brancher.


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"Recent advances in our understanding of the acoustic issues of saxophones have seen the arrival of many new add-ons to your saxophone, but these Corry Bros Tone Tablets are remarkable.

As well as being very discreet visually, they make an instant and astounding difference to the way the saxophone feels and sounds. The response across the range is immediately more balanced, and stability is hugely improved. The low range of the instrument responds in a much more consistent way, altissimo is stablised, and the whole instrument feels alive. The science is frankly beyond me, but this is no voodoo - Highly rcommended" Rob Buckland (Professor of Saxophone and Director of Saxophone Studies at the Royal Northern College of Music UK)

"When Corry Bros asked me to try out their new Tone Tablet I’ll admit I had my reservations.

A piece of kit that is so small and discreet (less than a cm in height) I couldn't imagine how it may affect my sound let alone improve it. Tightening it into the lyre screw void on my tenor I was soon proved very wrong. Right from the first note I blew my tone seemed more focused, centred with an improved resonance from bottom Bb and up into the altissimo register. Partly down to the perceptible improvement to the syllabance of my sound. I also felt a subtle enhancement in the feedback and response of my instrument. A confidence boosting element to the tone tablet, notes were more secure and the saxophone responded with a greater clarity of sound. Continuous A/B testing on sessions and shows proved it wasn't just a placebo effect and the tone tablet now has a permanent place in my setup on all of my saxes. Up until now I’ve only tried the sterling silver Tone Tablet but I look forward to trying the other materials currently under test with Jim and Paul. I feel this product is in no way a fix to a poor tone, for me it seems best to see it as an enhancement tool. This is a very subtle product from the Corry Bros that packs a punch far greater than its weight."

- James Russell UK (Jamiroquai Saxophonist)


Without the Tone Tablet

Here is a middle B (concert A) as seen on a SPECTRUM ANALYSER played on a Selmer MK VII Tenor sax using a CorryBros "MESA 7" ebonite mouthpiece with a 3 soft Rico Select Jazz reed.


The Tone Tablet has NOT been inserted.

With the Tone Tablet

Here is a middle B (concert A) as seen on a SPECTRUM ANALYSER played on the same Selmer MK VII Tenor sax using the same CorryBros "MESA 7" ebonite mouthpiece with the same 3 soft Rico Select Jazz reed and played at the same volume level as above.


The Tone Tablet HAS  been inserted.


(Notice the frequencies on this graphic are more even and spread throughout the whole spectrum, with both low and high end frequencies boosted and the high end frequencies far more focused).

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Tone Tablet SPECTRUM FREQUENCY COMPARISONS           and more QUOTES from other players.