Infinite Curiosity


There are many saxophonists who are tired of the endless and relentless number of mouthpiece models made for the mass production market . 

Each one 'better' than the last : 'improved' 're-worked', 're-issues' 'based on' and straight ahead copies. 

The truth behind Saxophone mouthpiece design is that there are innumerable variations possible between tip , baffle design ,chamber and facing length, and yet , only so many will truly work or are generally 'liked and accepted ' by the majority of players. The bounds of imagination are infinite, yet the true parameters of where a Saxophone mouthpiece 'works ' are quite small in comparison . 

Here at Corry Bros we do not align ourselves with market trends, rather we align ourselves with the great handmade mouthpiece makers of the past; the solid no nonsense approach of Geoff Lawton and the Jewellery level beauty of Freddie Gregory's work .


Our soul aim is to sit at the table with such master craftsmen.

An undertaking such as ours produces finite amounts. Limited amounts. One-offs.

Special versions.

Sonic perfection augmented with aesthetic invention.

Our pieces range from simple understated beauty to newer visions of line and form.