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"As soon as I tried the P-Wave I was blown away by the huge sound! The mouthpiece delivers every dynamic from ppp to fff, all with a warm, fat tone which cuts through a section when needed. I blew it against another excellent ebonite mouthpiece by a very established manufacturer and the Corry Bros piece had more to give. The response is instantaneous and I can confidently play exposed passages even at lower dynamics and know that the sound will be there in time. As a player who doubles on smaller saxes, I loved the slim profile of the piece and it means there is less of an embouchure adjustment when switching from alto or tenor. I first got hold of the mouthpiece before a run of gigs which heavily featured bari so it was a great opportunity to put it through its paces, and the intonation felt spot on all the way through. Can’t recommend it enough!" - RUSSELL HENDERSON, UK


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"The Corry Bros P-wave for baritone sax is a great responsive mouthpiece. It not only gives me the projection I need but also to ability to be versatile with whatever genre of music I am playing.  The balance between the tip opening and chamber is exactly what I've been looking for to enable me to deliver my music in the best possible way. Not only that but build quality of the piece and packaging is also exceptional. In the right hands this mouthpiece has the ability to stand out even when played alongside the classics." - ELLIOT LABBATE, UK



"I wanted a mouthpiece that would give more volume and an edge. It sure does that but I am also amazed at how it can also sound so smooth and soulful, not that I play much in that style. I have played both with PA and mostly outside as part of a 25 strong street band, either way the sound cuts through.Overall it has lived up to and surpassed expectations." - MARTIN SCRAGG, UK