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                           We make each mouthpiece by hand and start with a solid rod of Ebonite or Brass.



Each mouthpiece starts it's life through us on a manual Lathe, and once the basic 'blank' is completed it is transferred to our manual Milling Machine to complete the other processes for the Table, rough Facing Curve, Window, Baffle ,Beak and Chamber.


We sourced classic British machines to work on and we produce batches for either Alto, Tenor or Baritone at the same time to exacting measurements to maximise time and output.


Once the various model blanks are completed on our machines it is at this point that the hand finishing work and play testing begins. We shape and sculpt the baffle, tip, throat, perfect the facing curve, polish and finish each piece by hand. We both play test every mouthpiece extensively before we both agree its finished and ready for sale.


Every Hand-Made mouthpiece has its own voice. Like people, this is what makes them unique.


They are all machined together to the same tolerances, but subtle differences are what give them character and will make a musician prefer one piece over another.

CorryBros ebonite rod CorryBros Milling vice back-button