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Our mouthpieces are 100% produced and handmade from solid rods of ebonite and brass giving every one of our mouthpieces a truly hand crafted soul and sound whilst continuing and honouring an art form and tradition that has existed for decades.



Ebonite has had many uses since its invention in 1839 by Charles Goodyear: electrical and battery insulation,

pnuematic vehicle tyres through to bowling balls, high quality fountain pens and our beloved woodwind mouthpieces.


In the 1920's the worlds foremost jeweller Cartier had many clocks made which exploited the beauty of ebonite.

Cartier ebonite was renowned for being very dark black compared to other contemporary sources and finished to a glass-like appearance, in fact, the first Mont Blanc fountain pens were also made from this darker ebonite.

This ebonite has since been analysed and re-created, and here at Corry Bros after many trials experimenting with various sources of ebonite we now only use this version to produce  our alto, tenor and baritone hard rubber range.


We find it to be of the highest quality, machine friendly and tonally superior to other sources of ebonite we have used and tried. It also produces and gives us the desired finish which we require after machining and polishing to give all our mouthpieces an exceptional finish. Produced and cured in the same way as the finest Cartier ebonite of the 1920's through to the '40's this ebonite is also 100% FDA approved.


Our metal mouthpieces are made from the finest brass, with phosphur bronze and nickel silver options available soon.

We source the finest metals from here in the UK.

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                      Examples of Cartier ebonite clocks.

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Here at Corry Bros we will only use the finest materials available for our mouthpieces. We feel that SEM Ebonite in Germany not only produce the highest quality ebonite in the world, but also have a wonderful outlook on furthering the potential of this wonderful material and its place in modern manufacturing.

We are proud to use and be associated with the world leaders in ebonite production.

Click to visit SEM Ebonite and learn

more about this versatile and beautiful material.