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Here at Corry Bros we are committed to doing all we can to help the environment around us.


When turning our mouthpiece blanks on our Lathes we use a rod of Ebonite closest in diameter and length to our required measurement. This saves a lot of material being wasted, which in turn, helps us pass this material saving onto you, our customer.


All our manufacturing machines  do not draw huge amounts of power as they are not built for high speed production. We could have invested in much larger, faster and high powered  machines, but we feel that this is not neccessary; we are only making mouthpieces!  Turning a mouthpiece blank only takes a few minutes more on a Lathe that draws less power, as do the processes on all our other machines.

                    Our classic British machines do us just fine.


We recycle ALL our brass and hard rubber ebonite waste from turning and milling.


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